About Us

Live in the future, then build what's missing - Paul Graham
We took this very seriously and we knew what was missing when we looked at traffic jams all around.

The lightbulb moment really came in a traffic jam that is so very common in Bangalore in peak hour traffic (as it is in every other big city, we are sure). We decided we could do more than just sit and curse, more than just hope that the Metro would get done sooner. We decided to be the change! We dedicate ourselves to the mission of "Taking a MILLION cars of the road, every month"

We, at PoolCircle, believe that enabling FOUR people to ride in every car, instead of just one, will have a huge impact - economic, social and environmental. We also believe that today's cutting edge technology should be used to solve real-world issues and enrich lives - enabling people to spend more time with their families and friends, at work and at play - rather than in TRAFFIC.