PoolCircle ApartmentPools allows you to create a secure, moderated network of carpoolers from your apartment community
Every residential community on ApartmentPools is assigned a unique Community Code and the Community Admin (a resident from your apartment) moderates user entry into the community carpool group. This create a trusted network of moderated users.
Create a large umbrella of carpoolers by aggregating other trusted resident community in your neighbourhood. Users would join the individual apartment they reside in but have the option to carpool securely with any user in the larger umbrella of carpoolers.
Choose your own carpool preference - Only members of my resident community / My apartment and other trusted communities in my neighbourhood / Anyone on PoolCircle. Women may opt for Women Only carpools.
PoolCircle standardizes Ride Fee (the fee that the Ride Taker pays the Ride Giver) for carpools at Rs 5/Km. The Fee reduces to Rs 4/Km and Rs 3/km per Ride Taker when there are 2 or 3+ Ride Takers. Bikepools are Rs 2/Km. All transactions are secure and cashless using PayTM
Onboarding on ApartmentPools is free for the resident community and for the end users who join. PoolCircle takes a 10% Commission when the Ride Taker pays the Ride Giver at the end of the ride
Want to get your apartment onboard ApartmentPools? Contact care@poolcircle.com