Enterprise Solutions
PoolCircle addresses key safety issues associated with carpooling to make it an ideal enterprise solution
Secure Registration
Customized registration workflow to ensure that only your employees, with a valid corporate email address, can register on PoolCircle through a dedicated portal for your enterprise. All email addresses and mobile numbers are verified to ensure that they are authentic by sending a confirmation email / PIN respectively.
User Lifecycle Management
Deactivate users as part of the employee exit process. This ensures that only your employees carpool on PoolCircle using their corporate email address that they used to register on PoolCircle
Customized Carpool Preferences
Set up a secure group with just your employees to ensure that carpools are only set up among your employees. Your employees will not be visible to other carpoolers and vice versa. This ensures that you have a safe carpool environment for your employees.
Tech Park Solutions
Collaborate with other trusted enterprises near you to create a larger pool of users. Due to the networked nature of carpooling, a larger pool helps find more carpools and everyone benefits. PoolCircle can enable trusted groups comprising other companies in your area / tech park. These groups can be modified at any time.
Reports & Analytics
Details usage metrics to measure and improve adoption of the solution. Who are the top carpoolers, how often have they carpooled, how many km have they carpooled. This helps drive employee reward programs to incentivize more carpooling among employees.
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