What is PoolCircle?
PoolCircle provides a safe tech platform to let you give rides to and take rides from people who are going the same way. You may give rides or take rides using your car or your bike. PoolCircle helps you through the entire process of ridesharing - right from finding ride partners to setting up the ride and paying for it, all through our mobile apps
How does PoolCirlce address the safety aspects related to carpooling?
PoolCircle's Trust Point based safety rating ensures that you have a good sense of who you are riding with. We use a combination of corporate email address and your Facebook profile to build your safety rating, without disclosing you personally identifiable information to others. Women can opt for Women Only rides . PoolCircle is endorsed and promoted by the Bengaluru Traffic Police.
How do I find a ride?
Setting up a Work Commute saves you the trouble of trying to find a ride daily. It also helps us find matches and notify you when newer users join subsequently. Use the One Time if you are looking for a one off ride.

Alternately, you may also do a Quick Search using "Rides Near You". It shows you rides from your current location to various other DESTINATION. You can Book Ride with any of the users.

Why are some of my matches not very close to my starting point or my destination?
We believe carpooling should be about the common distance that you travel, which is why our ride matching is based on the routes, and not just the starting point and your destination. We will continue to invest in our technology to improve the match relevance for you. We show you rides within 2 hour time difference to provide you a wide choice
How does Book Ride work?
Review the matches that you see in "Find Rides" menu and hit the "Book Ride" - you may book a ride as a "Ride Giver" or as a "Ride Taker". Rides are Confirmed after the other person Accepts. You may receive Ride Bookings from other users too. Review the person's details before you Accept. Feel free to Decline if the route / timing on that particular day is not convenient. Don't take it personally if the other person Declines your booking :) You may make multiple bookings. If you are a Ride Taker, when the first Ride Giver Accepts, your other Bookings will be withdrawn. If you are a Ride Giver, multiple Ride Takers can Accept your Booking (to enable you to take more than one Ride Taker)
How do I coordinate the last mile details or pickup point / time and identification?
The PoolCircle mobile apps has a real-time chat application to lets you coordinate the pick up point and exact timing with your Ride Partner. Alternately, feel free to call the person to check on these details.
My ride is confirmed, what now?
All Confirmed Rides will be listed in the Booked Rides section. The Ride Giver does a "Start Ride" when the Ride Taker is picked up. Ride distance is calculated using GPS tracking until the Ride Giver hits the "Stop Ride" (when the Ride Taker is dropped at the destination). The Ride Fee is calculated based on Rs 6/Km for carpools and Rs 2/Km for bike-pools and the bill details are shown to both users. The Ride Giver will have a do a "Start Ride" and "Stop Ride" for each Ride Taker he / she gives a ride to. A verification PIN is sent by PayTM to the Ride Taker and the Ride Fee is debited after the Ride Taker's confirmation.
Why should I link my PayTM wallet to my PoolCircle account?
You get paid for the rides you give and pay for the rides you take using your PayTM wallet. You need to link your PayTM wallet in order to Book Ride. In addition, if you are booking a ride as a Ride Taker you need sufficient balance in your PayTM wallet to cover the cost of the trip We will NOT misuse your PayTM account information. Ride Fee is debited from your account only after a PayTM PIN verification by you Please contact care@poolcircle.com for any question or concerns on the payments front
Why does PoolCircle standardize Ride Fee at Rs 6/Km for carpools and at Rs 2/Km for bike pools?
The Ride Fee factors in cost of fuel, ongoing maintenance and insurance / depreciation of the vehicle. We want to drive consistency and transparency in pricing. For the Ride Taker, it is cheaper than any other comparable mode of travel. We hate the word "SURGE". PoolCircle takes a 10% Commission and the Ride Giver will receive Rs 5.40 / Km for carpools and Rs 1.80 / Km for bike pools
Any more goodies?
For Ride Takers, your first ride is FREE (PoolCircle gives you a 100% Cashback - Max Rs 150/-; applicable only in Bangalore). We are working with PayTM to offer more cashbacks on your subsequent rides. For Ride Givers, get the full Rs 6/Km on your first 3 rides (PoolCircle will waive the 10% Commission; No limits; applicable everywhere) These are applicable for both carpools and for bike pools
How does PoolCircle Enterprise and Tech Park solution work?
PoolCircle Enterprise Solution allows enterprises to run a secure secure carpool network for their employees. Rides are only set up among your employees. Ride sharing helps reduce the your organization's Scope 3 emission and promote a smarter and greener commute option among your employees PoolCircle provides robust analytics to help you quantify the impact of the ride sharing initiative. Our enterprise customers include GE, Mindtree, Applied Materials and Genpact.

PoolCircle Tech Park Solution allows enterprises in a tech park to form a secure ride sharing group, exclusively with employees of the member companies. PoolCircle partners with ELCIA (Electronics City Industries' Association) to launch a first-of-its-kind solution to promote carpooling among all employees who work out of Electronics City

Please contact care@poolcircle.com for more information on our Enterprise and Tech Park Ridesharing solution
What is ApartmentPools?
ApartmentPools is a moderated carpool network that allows users to carpool securely with other members in their apartment community. PoolCircle will assign a unique Community Code to your apartment and your neighbours can join your carpool group by entering the Community Code. A Community Admin from your apartment will moderate user entry into the group
Can ApartmentPools aggregated other trusted communities in my neighbourhood?
Yes, ApartmentPools allows any number of apartment complexes, big and small, to come together to create a large umbrella of moderated carpoolers
Once my apartment is part of ApartmentPools can the residents only carpool among themselves?
No, when members join your moderated carpool group, they will still have the option to carpool only with other neighbours or with anyone on PoolCircle. This Setting can be changed at at time
Have a suggestion or a feedback? Please email care@poolcircle.com. The mobile apps also have a real time chat option to contact our customer support team