PoolCircle takes a holistic approach to addressing the safety concerns associated with carpooling.

PoolCircle requires all users to be registered on our platform in order to carpool. Users may register with their Email address, Facebook or Google+ account - which we verify by sending a confirmation email and requiring the user to click on a link to confirm email address. All users also have a validated mobile number, which we verify by sending a PIN number
The MyCircle features lets you choose which network of connections or “Circles” you want to carpool with – any combination of Corporate Colleagues, Facebook Friends and LinkedIn Connections – 1st and 2nd. When you search for carpools, we will only show you others who are part of your MyCircle.
You may set it up as “Show me all carpools”, Show me carpools with only Females" or choose to “Customize MyCircle” with your social connections. You may change your MyCircle setting at any point of time.
Women Only Carpools
Available only to women, Women Only carpools ensure that when do a search for carpools, PoolCircle only shows you other Women users. Your search too will be shown only to other Women users.
To set up Women only carpools, open the app or the web UI, select Community in the Left Hand Side menu and choose the MyCircle tab and select “Show me carpools with only Females” option there. Ensure that your Gender is set to F in your Profile
User Rating
YOU can help keep PoolCircle safe. Shared a ride with someone awesome on PoolCircle? Take a moment to leave a rating and make their day. The other person will be able to view the rating that you have provided, so be nice. When we show you the available users for you to carpool with, you will be able to see the average rating and the number of ratings that the other person has received. This can help you make informed carpool decisions.
Trust Points
Trust Points are the building blocks that add up to your overall Star Rating. You earn Trust Points when you provide a verified phone number or verified corporate email address. You also earn Trust Points when you set up your Facebook credentials and your LinkedIn credentials on PoolCircle. The idea here is to reward you for having a complete profile and enabling everyone to make informed carpool decisions.
Your Trust Points translate to a Star rating – from 0 to 5 star. When PoolCircle shows you a ride match, you will also be able to see the other person’s Trust Points and the Star Rating.
Your corporate email account or Facebook / LinkedIn accounts details will NOT be seen by anyone.
Invite friends
Friends and other trusted connections result in more carpools and everyone benefits. PoolCircle makes it very easy for you to invite your friends and connections on board. You can invite friends from Facebook, Email or from your Contacts.
When you invite your friends and they join PoolCircle, you earn Trust Points for helping make the PoolCircle network larger and safer.
How is your Social Profile used:
As part of your registration and Profile completion, you may provide your Corporate email address, Facebook and LinkedIn credentials.
What do we do with this:
  • This lets you set up your MyCircle to include your corporate colleagues, linkedin and facebook friends and set up a safe carpool environment
  • You get Trust Points based on the information you provide and this Trust Points will be visible to other users
What do we NOT do with this:
  • We will not show your corporate email address, facebook or linkedin account names to any other user
  • We will not share these details will any third party
Trust Points and Star Rating
You earn Trust Points when you provide more information with us or when you invite friends
  • Mobile number:
20 Points
  • Corp Email:
40 Points
  • Facebook account:
20 Points
  • Linkedin account:
20 Points
  • Invite a friend and
    he / she registers
    with the Promo Code:
20 Points
These Trust Points add up to determine your Star Rating
  • 20+ Trust Points
  • 50+ Trust Points
  • 100+ Trust Points
  • 250+ Trust Points
  • 1000+ Trust Points