Terms of Use


PoolCircle Technologies Pvt Ltd, referred to as "PoolCircle", owns and operates the website www.poolcircle.com and the associated PoolCircle mobile applications (currently in Android and iOS). This Terms of Use regulates the use of website www.poolcircle.com and the PoolCircle mobile applications by the users who are registered. By registering and using PoolCircle website and applications, you are deemed to have read and agreed to this Terms of Use. PoolCircle reserves the rights to change the Terms of Use at any time, so please check the Terms of Use periodically.

What is PoolCircle?

PoolCircle is a technology enabled social platform that enables users who are driving their car or bike from point A to point B to offer rides to one or more users travelling in the same direction. The platform provides capability to book rides with other users who you have discovered and also pay for the rides taken using a cashless mobile wallet

On PoolCircle a user may opt to be a "Ride Giver" and offer rides or be a "Ride Taker" and take rides from others. The "Ride Taker" is expected to pay the "Ride Fee" to the "Ride Giver" at the end of the journey using PayTM mobile wallet. PoolCircle takes a 10% Commission in this process as enabling fee.

PoolCircle also provides capabilities for enterprises to offer this platform to their employees as a sustainable, safe and economical commute option.

PoolCircle does not own or operate cars or any vehicle for transporting its users. PoolCircle does not have any contract with its "Ride Giver” or “Ride Taker” or provide guarantee / assurance about rides being available.

Who can use PoolCircle?

You need to be 18 years of older in order to register and use PoolCircle and car pool / ride share using PoolCircle. You will have to be a registered user on PoolCircle in order to use the product. Ride Givers are required to have a valid driving license as per your local laws.

PoolCircle is currently available only as mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms. Some of the capabilities of PoolCircle require a GPS enabled mobile phone.

You may register on PoolCircle with your Mobile Number. PoolCircle authenticates Mobile Number based registrations by sending to a PIN to the user’s mobile number and requiring the user to enter the PIN.

Employees of PoolCircle's enterprise customers can register with their corporate email address. PoolCircle will authenticate the Email address by sending a verification email and requiring that the user click on a link in the email.

PoolCircle takes your safety very seriously and every user on PoolCircle is required to provide a image of a Government provided ID (Driver’s License or Aadhar Card or Voter’s ID) or your corporate email ID. The Photo ID that you provide will be verified by our Operations team and approved. The corporate email address will be verified by sending a confirmation mail to that address and requiring the user to click on it. PoolCircle will not disclose this information to other users

Apart from the sign in credentials, information like the Name, Gender, Profile Picture, Vehicle Make, Model and Registration Number are not validated by PoolCircle. Please ensure that you provide accurate information for this. PoolCircle reserves the right to terminate, without notice, users who have provided inaccurate information.

How can it be used?

PoolCircle allows registered users to opt to be a “Ride Giver” and offer rides during your trip by specifying the Starting Point, Destination and the Time of your commute. Alternately, the user may opt to be a “Ride Taker” and search for “Ride Givers” in a specific route at the given time.

PoolCircle will list the available ride matches in the similar or nearby routes and convenient time range. The user may initiate a ride using the Book Ride and the ride is confirmed after the other user Accepts. The other user might also Decline the request. All Rides are confirmed after this “Two-way handshake” to ensure mutual safety.

After the Ride Confirmation, the Ride Giver would do a Start Ride when he / she picks up the Ride Taker. This requires GPS and PoolCircle will track your location to calculate Ride Distance. The Ride Giver needs to do a Stop Ride when dropping the Ride Taker off. PoolCircle would determine the distance based on the GPS tracking and compute the Ride Fee payable. The Ride Fee is debited from Ride Taker after a PIN confirmation from PayTM and PoolCircle pays the Ride Taker, after deducting 10% PoolCircle Commission

Doing a Start Ride and Stop Ride without doing a ride, using fake GPS locations tools, with the purpose of committing fraud on PoolCircle, either for availing cashbacks or referral bonus or any other purpose is strictly illegal and PoolCircle is free to pursue legal proceedings against you for any such acts


PoolCircle recommends the following safety guidelines in the course of using our product.

  • PoolCircle validates mobile number verification during registration using mechanism described in the “Who can user PoolCircle” section of this document. PoolCircle does not undertake any other user checks at an individual level.
  • Review the Trust Point Score Card and provide the information needed to improve your Trust Points. Higher Trust Point results in more rides. Please note that your corporate email and Facebook Connect details will not be disclosed to other users. They will only see your trust points and your corporate email extension (say, @wipro.com)
  • Carry a photo ID and show the same at the pickup point while take a ride and request the same from your ride partner.
  • If you are a Ride Taker choose a safe pick up location which will not compromise your safety when you are waiting for the Ride Giver to arrive.
  • If you are a Ride Giver choose a pick up location which does not compromise your safety on the road or disrupt traffic if you have to wait for the Ride Taker to arrive.
  • As a Ride Giver do not take in more Ride Takers than the recommended seating capacity of your vehicle
  • Use of mobile phones while driving is extremely dangerous. Do not under any circumstances use your mobile phone either to coordinate a ride using PoolCircle or for any other reason.
  • PoolCircle recommends using the product to set up ride before you start driving or to park your car or bike in safe designated parking areas if you have to use the product or coordinate with your ride partner on the way.
  • Ensure that both users wear a helmet and follow other safety rules in case of bike pools
  • Exercise overall caution and common sense while using PoolCircle

Liability Disclaimer:

PoolCircle is a technology enabled social platform that helps its users find ride partners and enables you to book and pay for rides in order to use sustainable means of commuting, reduce fuel cost, reduce stress associated with driving and reduce overall traffic in the roads. PoolCircle is merely an enabler.

  • PoolCircle does not undertake any profile check of its users at an individual level apart from the mechanism described in the “Who can user PoolCircle” section of this document. PoolCircle, therefore cannot be responsible for actions and misconduct of the users which might result in personal injury, physical damage, loss or damage to property or death - intentional or accidental or due to negligence arising out of or in any way connected to using PoolCircle or during the ride.
  • PoolCircle allows the user to contact each other in order to coordinate the ride, AFTER mutual two way handshake to set up the ride. PoolCircle is not responsible for any offensive behaviour of the user towards each other.
  • PoolCircle does not have any contract with the “Ride Giver” or the “Ride Taker” nor does it own or operate its own cars or any other vehicle for transporting its users. PoolCircle does not guarantee that you will find a ride partner using our platform or that your ride partner will honour the carpool that you have set up with him or her, as in arriving at the pickup point at the specified time.
  • PoolCircle does not make assurances about the availability, lack of defect, bugs of the services – the websitewww.poolcircle.com or the PoolCircle mobile application. You agree to use the services in “As is where is” condition.

Intellectual property rights and copyrights

All intellectual property rights on www.poolcircle.com and the associated PoolCircle mobile applications are owned by PoolCircle fully and in their entirety. These rights include and are not limited to company name, product name, database design rights, software code, copyright, visual and user experience design rights, logos and trademarks – whether registered or unregistered.


The user registration with PoolCircle is deemed to have been entered into at Bangalore, India and the laws of India shall apply and courts in Bangalore, India will have jurisdiction with respect to all the terms, conditions and disclaimers. If you do not agree to be bound by this Terms of Use, please do not use the www.poolcircle.com website of access the PoolCircle mobile applications